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Thank you Loewen Window Center For your support of COVER!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Recently Loewen Window Center’s President Steve Carey (pictured) and V.P. Frank O’Donnell made a generous donation of surplus, high quality windows to The ReCover Store at 158 So. Main St. in White River Junction.  For large items, Paul Johnson from the ReCover Store staff will come and pick up the donations free of charge. Contact: or call 802-296-7241 X 106


For over 15 years, Amani Children’s Home has been dedicated to the protection of Tanzania’s most vulnerable population: street children. Amani, which means “peace” in Swahili, was founded by Tanzanians, and over the course of the past decade has rescued more than 1,200 children from the perils of life on the streets, where they face numerous dangers including malnutrition and abuse. Amani provides healthy food, education, counseling and medical care for every street child who turns to us for help. When possible, children are reunified with (extended) families.